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NBE's cultural and social role
·         To complement its distinguished banking and financial role, NBE makes significant contributions in cultural, scientific and social fields through several pivots, the most salient of which are:
    The Bank has:
·         Established a museum in NBE's Tower for valuable artistic acquisitions of paintings and sculptures representing the different generations of Egyptian artists since the emergence of the plastic arts in Egypt;
·         computerized NBE's library to give internal and external users instant access and easy reference to its contents;
·         supported the scientific and social activities of many Egyption universities and centers;
·         sponsored the annual competition of Arabic Language Teachers held by the Ministry of Education; and
·         granted awards to winners in art and cultural festivals organized by the Education, Scientific Research and Youth Committee of the Shura Council.
    NBE has also:

·         supported and funded SMEs whether via the Bank's autonomous resources or in cooperation with the Social Development Fund;
·         implemented a credit risk guarantee project for SMEs operating in the field of industrial activities, in cooperation with a banking credit risk guarantee company; and
·         met the needs of micro enterprises unqualified to deal with banks or located in inaccessible areas, by providing appropriate funding to several civil societies to be relent to such enterprises.
·         funded industrial projects willing to meet environmental criteria; and
·         signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Bank and KfW to put the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) into effect.
    In this respect, NBE has:

·         established and donated NBE's Hospital for Integrated Care, to the Integrated Care Society to render medical services to inhabitants of Kattamya where the hospital is located;
·         allocated NBE's annual gift provisions to make donations to hospitals and charities
        ,and formed a committee to manage such donations; and
·          Made donations to some government funds such as the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) and to the Khedieval Cairo board of trustees