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National Bank of Egypt corporate governance framework

The National Bank of Egypt is committed to create value for its customers whilst meeting its statutory and regulatory obligations. Fundamental to the Board’s strategy are high standards of corporate governance, in particular, those laid down in the corporate governance regulations issued by Central Bank of Egypt on 23/8/2011. Our core values and standards, governance management frameworks, and internal controls work together to prevent, detect and respond to potential or actual fraudulent or corrupt conduct. NBE strive the best practice in corporate governance across our footprint. We believe that simply complying with written corporate governance standards is not enough , Its vital to have an underlying culture with behaviors and values that support corporate governance. It is the responsibility of all of our employees to be responsive and vigilant to ensure compliance with both the letter and the spirit of our governance framework. Therefore, We take care to ensure that all our employees have and demonstrate the necessary skills, values and experience commensurate with their responsibilities. We place as much emphasis on the way employees behave as on what they deliver.

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