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NBE's Business Continuity Management:

In line with its strategy, NBE introduced integrated plans to ensure the continuity of its vital operations, reflecting the Bank’s ability to provide its core business activities with high-quality and in real time in contingencies and disasters. This ability stems from the overall understanding of the bank’s nature, recognizing  risks and analyzing their impacts, And developing alternative strategies and plans to overcome such risks and running all periodic tests for these plans frequently to ensure the continuity of core banking business under all circumstances in accordance with best global practices.


NBE is awarded Certification of business continuity management system

 ISO 22301:2012. NBE is thus the first Egyptian bank to receive such internationally recognized certificate from the leading global standardization and accreditation BSI (the British Standards Institution).


This certificate comes within NBE compliance with ISO standards and instructions in that field. It also reflects NBE’s leadership and efficiency in the management of its operations and banking services with the aim of serving and protecting the national economy, and attaining financial and banking stability.


Finally, NBE believes in the importance of maintaining its customers’ complete trust in the Bank’s ability to provide its banking operations and services and to protect and manage their money professionally at times of emergency and disasters.