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Dear Customer,

To ensure the safety of your transactions, please insert your PIN code when using NBE credit cards in purchases at all merchants inside and outside Egypt. Our cardholders who do not have PIN codes are kindly requested to contact our call center/visit the nearest NBE branch to reprint the PIN code for free.

  • NBE offers you a variety of credit cards specially designed to satisfy your needs:
    • Worldwide acceptance at over 22 MM. merchants and cash withdrawal from 1.5 MM. ATMs.
    • Competitive issuance and renewal fees in Egypt.
    • Competitive monthly interest rate of 1.75% for the secured cards & 2.1% for the unsecured cards in the cash withdrawal and purchases.
    • Exclusive promotional programs.
    • Lowest minimum payment (5% monthly of  the statement balance).
    • Availability of supplementary cards.
    • 24/7 call center assistance at your service on 19623 locally or 00202-19623 internationally.
    • Enjoy our IVR service (Al Ahly Phone) for credit cardholders.
    • Safe online shopping using the Verified By Visa and Master Secure Code services.
    • Al-Ahly points program which allows the NBE client to gain a point ( Classic & Golden cardholders ) and a point & a half ( Platinum cardholders ) for each Egyptian pound the Client uses in purchases with the availability of redeeming these points with vouchers he could use in a some of the finest stores and shopping malls in Egypt.
    • Credit cardholders, whether existing or new customers, can repay purchases made at any merchant in Egypt and abroad including non-NBE merchants in installments in intervals starting from 3 months till 36 months by calling the customer service hotline: 19623. The credit cardholders can call NBE’s call center after making a purchase transaction as of the 1st until the last day of the month of purchase, provided that the amount of such purchase is not less than 500 EGP.
    • Credit cardholders, whether existing or new customers and including supplementary cards, can repay cash withdrawals that do not exceed 50% of card credit limit made at any NBE ATM inside Egypt, by calling the customer service hotline: 19623 / visiting the nearest NBE branch. The credit cardholders can call NBE’s call center after making a cash withdrawal transaction as of  the 1st until the last day of the withdrawal month, provided that the amount of such withdrawal is not less than EGP 500. No cash withdrawal fees or interest shall be charged as of withdrawal date up to contacting NBE to use the Service
  • Payment flexibility: 
    • Payment in more than 300 banking unit nationwide for more convenience.
    • Permanent  monthly instructions with your branch for the payment of minimum/full amount of  the credit card balance from your account.
    • Payment can be made via the IVR service for NBE's current and savings accountholders by subscribing in Al Ahly Phone service.
    • Enjoy payment through more than 3728 ATMs nationwide  by  linking your debit card linked to your credit card.
    • Credit card payment at more than 694 ATMs across the country.
    • Payment can be made via AL Ahly Net service.


  • General Conditions:
    • Egyptian nationals or foreigners with residence permits.
    • Minimum age of 21 years for holders of the primary card and 18 for holders of the supplementary card.

          * Terms and conditions apply.

  • How to apply for an NBE credit card?
    • Visit your nearest NBE branch.
  • For more Information:
    • Call Al Ahly Phone 19623 locally or 00202-19623 internationally.
    • Visit your nearest NBE branch.

In case of travelling abroad, kindly contact Al Ahly Phone via 19623 to notify National Bank of Egypt (NBE).