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  • The Payroll Services:


    • NBE provides this service to companies and their employees via transferring  their salaries to the Bank whereby they may benefit from NBE's diversified banking services and products (personal cash loans, auto loans, credit cards, deposits and certificates);
    • NBE offers  state-of-the-art integrated and well-secured electronic systems to pay salaries to corporate employees via two salary payment systems which are tailored to cater for all our customers’ needs:
      • Al Ahly Payroll Card: Al Ahly Payroll card: a card is issued for cashing the salary which is directly transferred to such card without having to open personal current accounts for employees at NBE branches; and

      • Al Ahly Payroll Current account: a fully-fledged product is made available to companies/bodies which enter into Payroll agreements with NBE to automatically transfer their employees’ salaries to bank accounts opened with NBE branches and obtain  debit cards for such customers to enjoy NBE’s distinguished and diversified services.


  • Terms and Conditions Apply.