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  • NBE receives the USD or EGP transfers favor beneficiaries in Egypt.
  • The transfer amount is credited automatically to the beneficiary’s account held with NBE or en-cashed from NBE’s branches nationwide or via ATMs to the holders of ATM cards. 
  • The beneficiary is notified of the transfer by phone or SMS.
  • In co-operation with:
    • KSA
      1. Al Rajhi Bank - Riyadh
      2. Arab National Bank - Riyadh.
      3. National Commercial Bank, Jeddah
      4. Bank Al Bilad - Riyadh
      5. Al Inma Bank – Riyadh
    • Kuwait
      1. Al Mulla Intl Exchange Co. – Kuwait
    • UAE
      1. Al Fardan Exchange Co. – Abu Dhabi.
      2. Al Ansari Exchange Co., Abu Dhabi.
      3. UAE Exchange Centre, Abu Dhabi. 
      4. Lari Exchange Co. – Abu Dhabi
    • Qatar
      1. Al Fardan Exchange Co., Doha
      2. Gulf Exchange Co. – Doha
      3. National Exchange Co., Doha
    • Bahrain
      1. BexMoney Bahrain Express Exchange