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Very Important Warning

Dear valued Customers,

It is  recently  noticed that text messages were sent, claiming that you received a remittance/won a prize/could cash a cheque and asking you to call a  telephone number  other  than  NBE’s number:  19623. NBE would  like to confirm that these are scam messages and are not related to the Bank in any way whatsoever.

Also observed  that  there  are  phishing  emails  sent  to customers from an e-mail in the name of NBE, requesting to confirm or provide  personal  information  using  fake  link.  In  order  to  maintain  the confidentiality of  your credit card  information  and passwords related to the  e-banking  services,  kindly  neither  give  out  any  card  details  nor  log into any website other than our Bank official website starting with "NBE" as follows: www.nbe.com.eg

We  would  like  to  assert  that  NBE  does  and  will  not  ask  for  any  card details or  Al Ahly Net password via phone, email or any other electronic media.  NBE  also  warns  you  not to  give  any information such as CVV2 (the three-digit code on the back of the card), card expiry date or the epayment  card  number  to  any  person,  in  order  to  maintain  the confidentiality of your credit card information and passwords.

For more inquiries, kindly contact  us at  Al Ahly Phone hotline 19623 or visit NBE website: "www.nbe.com.eg".