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Platinum certificate notice

As of the end of the business day Thursday 12/04/2018, NBE decided to stop issuing the Platinum Certificate, with annual interest of 17% disbursed quarterly and 12-month maturity period. Holders of the previously-issued certificates will continue to enjoy their privileges up to the relative maturity dates.

This decision is commensurate with the decline of CBE's deposit and discount rates and the improved headline and core inflation rates recently declared.

Simultaneously, NBE announces the launching of a new saving product with variable interest rate as of Sunday 15/04/2018 to cater for the needs of our customers. The 3-year variable-interest Platinum Certificate will be issued, and the interest will be disbursed on quarterly basis and changed periodically by 0.25% higher than CBE's deposit rate. Accordingly, the first rate applicable to the certificate upon launching will be 17% p.a. as of Sunday 15/04/2018 provided that such interest rate will be changed periodically during the certificate term as per the changes in CBE's deposit rate.