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Deposit rates (local currency)

7 days and less than 15 days8.25%
15 days and less than 1 month8.75%
1 month and less than 2 months10.50%
2 months and less than 3 months10.50%
3 months and less than 6 months10.75%
6 months and less than One year10%
One year and less than two years10%
Two years and less than 3 years10%
3 years and less than 4 years10.25%
4 years and less than 5 years10.50%
5 years and less than 6 years10.50%
6 years and less than 7 years10.50%
7 years10.50%

Saving rates (local currency)

Saving Account with monthly interest11.9%
Saving Account with quarterly interest12.1%
Saving Account with semi-annually interest12.3%
Saving Account with annually interest12.5%
Pension Saving Account12.5%
Small Saver Saving Account with prizes12.5%
NBE'S Corporate Saving Certificates 3 years monthly10.71%
NBE'S Corporate Saving Certificates- EGP 3 years quarterly10.80%
A"Certificate with Accumulated Return10.75%
Certificate With Variable Monthly Return14.09%
Five-Years Certificate With Monthly Return15%
Platinum Certificate With Quarterly Return16.25%
B Certificate with Periodical Return16.25%
NBE's Corporate Saving Certificates - EGP 3 Years semi-annually10.95%
EL-Mostakbal Saving Account- Monthly Return11.75%
EL-Mostakbal Saving Account - Quarterly Return11.9%
EL-Mostakbal Saving Account -Seme-Annually Return12.05%
EL-Mostakbal Saving Account - Annually Return12.25%
Monthly Platinum Certificate16%
Eighteen Month Platinum Certificate20%
Bcertificate for natural persons20%
NBE'S Corporate Saving Certificates -3 years with annually return11.25%
NBE's Corporate Saving Certificates -5 years with monthly return10.93%
NBE's Corporate Saving Certificates -5 years with quarterly return11.03%
NBE's Corporate Saving Certificates -5 years with semi-annually return11.19%
NBE's Corporate Saving Certificates -5 years with annually return11.50%

Certificates Rates (Foreign Currency)

Certificate NameUSDEuroLast Update
Diamond Certificate average rate3.88 %1.00 %12/07/2017
Golden Certificate average rate3.78 %0.90 %12/07/2017
New golden (Al Aman) 3 years with quarterly return4.25 %2.75 %12/07/2017
Up front cd 3 y with discounted return4.00 %1.9 %12/07/2017
Up front cd 5 y with discounted return4.10 %2.00 %12/07/2017
Ahl Misr 7 years with quarterly return5.75 %ـــ12/07/2017
KANZY 5 years Ascending with semi-annual average4.6 %ـــ12/07/2017
Ahl Masr certificate 5 years5.25 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi USD dollar 1 year3.5 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi USD dollar 3 year4.5 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi USD dollar 5 year5.5 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi AUD dollar 1 year4 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi AUD dollar 3 year5 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi AUD dollar 5 year6 %ـــ12/07/2017
Beladi EURO 1 yearـــ2 %12/07/2017
Beladi EURO 3 yearـــ3 %12/07/2017
Beladi EURO 5 yearـــ3.5 %12/07/2017