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•National Bank of Egypt provides this service since 2002 to allow your customers to buy any product / service over the Internet for organizations request to add this service on their websites.

•National Bank of Egypt is able to secure payment transactions over the Internet using the latest techniques of internationally recognized security, for example:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Master Card Secure Code (MCSC).
  • Verified By Visa (VBV).

Online Installment Service via NBE's E-payment gateway

•Advantages of e-Payment service:

1.Speed the completion of the payment easily and securely from anywhere in the world.
2.Technical support for companies, 24 hours / 7 days a week.
3.Online follow-up to the transactions that are done to each accout of company with the ability to print detailed reports for review.
4.The possibility of collecting different currencies (Egyptian Pound - U.S. Dollar - Euro - Sterling Pound).
5.Settlement of payments in the corporate accounts within 48 hours of work.
6.VISA and MasterCard cards are accepted.
7.The ability of cancellation transactions and refund amounts.

 •Our customers (for example, and not exclusively)

1. E-government
1.1 North cairo co, for electricity.
1.2 Ministry of Interior.
1.3 Railway Authority of Egypt.
1.4 Company West and Central Delta transport and tourism.
1.5 Canal Company for Electricity Distribution.
1.6 Alexandria Company for Electricity Distribution.
1.7 Taxes and Universities fees online payment.

2. Communications
2.1 Orange.

3. Voluntary
3.1 Egyptian Food Bank.
3.2 Misr El Kheir Foundation.
3.3 One Billion to Develop Shanty Town
3.4 Egyptian Cure Bank.
3.5 Life Makers Foundation.
Zewail City.

4. Tourism and Aviation
4.1 EgyptAir.
4.2 Amadeaus Company.
4.3 Pyramiza Hotel.
4.4 Travel Start.

5. Electronics
5.1 Computer Shop.
5.2 Mobile Shop.
5.3 Radioshack.
5.4 2B.


 6. Others.
6.1 Mongini.
6.2 Ravin.
6.3 Payme.

And others.








• For more information, please contact us by calling:
Phone: +202 - 25945000 Extn: 12463/11791/11719/11615/11783/11784/11786/11787/11788
E-mail: ebanking@nbe.com.eg