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  •  National Bank of Egypt (NBE) launched the "Phone Cash" mobile service to be the first bank in Egypt to provide a mobile payment solution which operates independently from the network of any mobile operator.
  • Phone Cash is offered in collaboration with MasterCard and Fawry as an authorized distributor.
  • NBE opens and manages a non-interest-bearing account called "mobile account / mobile wallet" for customers.
  • the customer can load the mobile wallet via any of NBE branches or Fawry outlets.


  •  Available to banked and unbanked customers
  •  Available as of age 16+

How can I register for Phone Cash service?

  •  Visit the nearest NBE branch.
  • Fill in the Phone Cash Application Form and sign the relevant terms and conditions.
  • Customer service agent enters your data into the system.
  • You will receive SMS with phone cash URL and activation code to download and activate the application on your mobile.

Required documentation

  •  A copy of the ID card .
  •  A mobile phone number operated by any mobile service provider in Egypt

Phone Cash service allows the customer to use his/her mobile phone to:


  •  Deposit/withdraw cash through +20,000 Fawry outlets nation-wide as well as NBE branches.
  • Transfer money to mobile phone accounts in local currency only around the clock from anywhere and at any time in a matter of seconds and in the securest way.
  •  Inquire about wallet balance.
  • Transaction log for the last 150 transaction.
  •  Buy consumer goods.


 Key Advantages Of Phone Cash

  •  Compatible with all mobile service providers; Vodafone, Mobinil and Etisalat.
  • Ease of paying bills of (land/mobile phones, recharging prepaid phones, making donations, reserving airline tickets, paying traffic fees, paying club membership fees, as well as making use of the extensive range of services offered by Fawry).
  • Convenience of linking two of NBE cards, e.g. (MasterCard and Visa Card) payroll card, credit card, direct debit card or prepaid card, with the mobile wallet to recharge the balance of the e-wallets directly via their mobile phones.
  •  Ease of using a mobile application.

 Fees (in EGP)




(for NBE wallet customers)



Annual fees


Cash in


Account value load


Money send

1% with min. 2EGP

Fawry  services  (bill payment, mobile recharge, ticket reservationetc.)

As per fawry set fees



ATM cash out

1% with min. 2EGP

Cash out from NBE branches

2% with min. 2EGP

Cash out from Fawry outlets

2% with min. 2 EGP



  •  What makes phone cash standout in the market is that it puts no ceiling on money transfers, which allows the customer to use the maximum wallet balance in making transfers as well as paying for Fawry services.

o   Maximum wallet balance: EGP 10,000

o   Maximum daily limit for cash withdrawals per one mobile phone

     account: EGP 6,000

o   Maximum  monthly  limit  for  cash  withdrawals  per  one mobile

     phone account: EGP 50,000

o   Maximum limit for purchases per transaction: EGP 6,000

o   Maximum monthly limit for cash  transfer from a  mobile phone

     wallet to another: EGP 50,000

o   A  mobile phone number  may only be linked to a single mobile

     phone account.

For more information:

  •   Please visit the nearest branch to you or call our call center at 19623 locally or 00202-19623 intenationally. 
  •  Terms and conditions shall apply.




How can I link my credit card to my mobile wallet?

  •   Visit the nearest NBE branch.
  • Fill in the application for linking your credit/ debit/ prepaid card to your mobile wallet.

Customer service agent will verify all your data then link your card.

How can I change the PIN of my wallet?

  •   Use the Phone Cash App on your mobile phone to change the PIN.
  • Enter the old PIN.
  • Enter the new PIN twice (for confirmation).
  •  An SMS will be sent on the Application to confirm change of the PIN.

How can I reset the PIN?


  •   Call the Phone Cash call center.
  • Call center agent will verify your personal data (the  last  three transactions, registration place and available balance….etc)
  • your PIN is reset instantly.


What if I entered a wrong PIN several times?

  • The Service will be suspended till you call the call center or visit the nearest NBE branch to reset the PIN after verifying your personal data.

What if I changed my mobile phone?

  •  Call the Phone Cash call center.
  • All  your  personal  data  is  verified  together  with  the  last  three transactions, registration place and available balance.
  • After verification of all of your data, a reset message is re-sent for re-loading the App.

What if my mobile SIM card was lost or stolen?

  •  Call the Phone Cash call center or visit the nearest NBE branch to temporarily suspend the Service.
  • Change your SIM card via your mobile service provider.
  • Call the Phone Cash call center or visit the nearest NBE branch once again to activate the Service.
  •  All your data is verified.
  • The wallet becomes ready for use once again with the same profile and PIN.

What if I changed my mobile phone number?

  •  Withdraw the whole balance available on your mobile wallet.
  • Visit the nearest NBE branch or Fawry outlet to close the wallet.
  • Re-apply for the Service using the new phone number.

What if I wanted to terminate this Service?

  • Visit the nearest NBE branch .
  • Cash out your wallet balance.
  • Fill in the Service Termination Form.
  • NBE officer will close the wallet instantly after verifying your personal data.