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NBE is the oldest commercial bank in Egypt. It was established on June 25, 1898 with a capital of £ 1 million. Throughout its long history, NBE's functions and roles have continually developed to square with the different economic and political phases in Egypt. During the 1950s, NBE assumed the central bank's duties. After its nationalization in the 1960s, it acted as a pure commercial bank besides carrying out the functions of the central bank in the areas where the latter had no branches. Moreover, since mid-1960s, NBE has been in charge of issuing and managing saving certificates on behalf of the government.

During the FY 2012/2013, NBE managed to achieve positive performance indicators. Total financial position in June 2013 recorded EGP 366.6 bn., growing 14% yoy. Accordingly, NBE's total assets accounted for 23.4% of the total banking system assets.

Total deposits reached EGP 312.7 bn., with a growth rate of 12.2% yoy, accounting for 26.3% of the total banking system deposits. Such leap was driven by the introduction of a diversified package of saving pools in local and foreign currencies at competitively lucrative rates.

Net cumulative balance of NBE's saving certificates, the largest household saving pool in Egypt, rose in June 2013 to EGP 102.2 bn., up by 4.6% yoy.

NBE has further provided a set of distinguished finance schemes that meet the needs of key economic sectors. Fresh retail loans were injected with the sum of EGP 22.3 bn., growing 16.1% yoy.

Total loans have thus risen 13% to reach EGP 114.7 bn. accounting for 21% of total banking system loans (net loans: EGP 107.5 bn., growing 12.3% yoy). NBE, hence, commands 32% of the banking system growth.

By the end of June 2013, NBE held equity participation in 190 projects covering all the fields of economic activity with total capital of EGP 49 bn. The Bank's holdings amounted to EGP 13.9 bn. representing 28% of such projects' total capital.

In line with NBE's support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the total SME loan portfolio reached EGP 9.4 bn., growing 44% yoy. Total finance injected to SMEs amounted to EGP 4.6 bn. during FY 2012/2013 whether in the form of extending loans to new customers or scaling up finance to existing ones. NBE also relent an amount of EGP 1.3 bn. from the Social Fund for Development (SFD) to its customers, commanding the biggest market share. NBE's efforts in this respect culminated in winning the Gold Medal Award for Best SME Banking Reputation in the Middle East from Radar Global.

 All such efforts resulted in achieving a net profit (before income taxes) of  EGP 7.1 bn., increasing 17.4% yoy. Net profits rose 8.1% yoy to record EGP 3 bn.

NBE received many awards from international organizations in recognition of its outstanding performance. For example, the Bank won the Euromoney Project Finance Magazine-African Petrochemicals Deal of the Year 2012. Furthermore, NBE was ranked number three in terms of loan syndication in Europe and Middle East Area (EMEA) with a market share of 6.1% coming ahead of global institutions and banks according to Bloomberg Loan Syndications rankings in 2012. NBE was also ranked number-five mandated lead arranger by market share in MENA region with a 6.3% market share as NBE arranged 9 loans in the amount of USD 1.3 bn.

NBE had also assumed an active role in funding key strategic economic sectors including electricity, tourism, real estate development, oil, financial leasing and contracting. Total large corporate loan portfolio surged 10.4% to reach EGP 82.5 bn. as at June 2013.

NBE launched a host of new credit and saving products. These included but were not limited to launching Visa Gold and "Salary in Advance" for all Al Ahly Payroll cardholders. The Bank also introduced Cash Transfer services via ATMs.

Developing its services and products to provide customers with distinctive services, NBE increased the number of ATMs to reach 1,535 deployed nationwide, with a growth rate of 23% yoy; thus NBE commands round one third of the market. POS network expanded to reach 9,169 machines, raising transition volume to EGP 2.1 bn.

NBE has embarked on renovating its branches and infrastructure. Some 14 branches were refurbished (completely renovated) in 2012/2013. A number of 250 branches (93% of total branches) were developed via introducing the new customer service model to ensure quality service to existing and new customers.

Developing its information technology infrastructure, NBE launched the first phase of  Flexcube, migrating retail loans to the new system. Accordingly, each customer will have one file and products can be easily introduced. In addition, the Bank introduced phone cash service which is considered the first of its kind to be extended by a bank independently from any mobile network in Egypt and the Middle East. Customers can use such service to pay phone bills, offer donations, book airline tickets and transfer cash in a safe way. They can also make deposits and withdrawals via over 20,000 Fawry points of sale as well as NBE branches.

The Bank operates a new computer center using state-of-the-art international systems "Tier 3" in compliance with the requirements of Basel 2 to avoid operational risks. NBE has also updated money laundering system.

In line with its role in supporting state policies, NBE provided direct funding for the government by purchasing T-bills and government bonds. Average T-bill balance accounted for EGP 87.4 bn. as at June 2013 with an increase of 29% yoy.

Stressing its social responsibility, NBE has continued to offer donations totaling EGP 333 MM during the period from 2008 till 2013, focusing on health, education, poverty combat and slum development.

To strengthen and boost stock investments and securities market, NBE created a number of mutual funds that support the Egyptian capital market and deliver services to a distinguished segment of customers. NBE offers investment services by expanding the central depositary and trading services.

NBE is keen to support and enhance its human resources to be equipped with new diversified competencies via a set of advanced training programs in Egypt and abroad in collaboration with world financial institutions. NBE further courts highly-qualified candidates and appoints high-caliber cadres in the leading positions.

Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Financials have virtually gone live.

In July 2013 issue, The Banker ranked NBE 259th ahead of all Egyptian banks, among the largest 1,000 banks worldwide and 7th among Arab banks, by total assets.

NBE has an extensive network of 338 branches and offices nation-wide. To this may be added NBE's effective international presence through the National Bank of Egypt, New York and Shanghai branches (in USA and China), National Bank of Egypt (UK) Limited, National Bank of Egypt (Khartoum) – Sudan, and NBE (DIFC) Limited, plus representative offices in Johannesburg – South Africa, Dubai – UAE and Addis Ababa – Ethiopia. This is in addition to a vast correspondents network around the globe, (America – Australia - Canada - Europe - Far East – Africa - Gulf Area).

NBE is always keen to render up-to-date banking services and products that are perfectly developed for its esteemed customers so that the Bank can preserve their precious confidence and maintain its leadership in the local banking market.