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 Enjoy more benefits and high purchasing capabilities

  • Grace period up to 55 days for purchases only.
  • Free SMS notifications.
  • Up to 100% of total credit limit for purchases/cash withdrawal.
  • Competitive debit interest rate.
  • Lowest minimum payment (5% monthly of  the total amount due).
  • Competitive issuance and renewal fees of the credit card with smart chip .
  • One supplementary card can be issued for free.
  • For Visa Gold card usage terms, click here.

  Exclusive benefits:

  • Special offers and exclusive benefits from the finest stores and shopping malls in Egypt. which are available on our website For details
  • Enjoy the offers provided for Visa cardholders. For details
  • Enjoy all benefits and services for  Visa Gold cardholders. For details
  • Enjoy the benefit of getting assistance in medical or legal emergencies while you are abroad via contacting Visa Premium Service  Cardholder Line numbers.

The safest card:

  • The card has a smart chip for the highest levels of safety. You will be requested to enter your PIN code upon using the card at any P.O.S. Kindly do not show or disclose your PIN code when entering it at any merchant.
  • Now with NBE credit card new free service to secure online shopping, you can shop online safely, quickly & privately with enhanced levels of security and protection using the One Time Password (OTP) code  .


  • Kindly do not disclose your PIN code or the CVV number on the back of the card for online purchase transactions to any person noting that NBE never asks for such information.