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Now you can access your account worldwide to get cash, purchase and shop online via NBE's Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

  • Features & benefits:
    • The card can be used locally and abroad.
    • It enables its holders to get cash and purchase 24/7, including official holidays.
    • 5-year validity period.
    • Supplementary cards can be issued.
    • It is a Smart Chip card that provides a higher level of security, to safely use the card at thousands of outlets and ATMs at home and abroad.
    • Use the Card to shop online on sites supported  by MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa.
    • The card can be used for repayment of debit balances of NBE's credit cards via NBE's ATMs.
    • The card can be used in paying the land line & mobile phone bills and other services provided by "Fawry" via NBE's ATMs.
    • Free SMS notification for every transaction.
    • No charges are calculated on balance inquiry or cash withdrawal transactions carried out via NBE's ATMs.
    • No fees or charges are calculated when using the card in shopping or getting services.
    • A replacement for the lost or stolen card can be issued.
    • Special 24 hour call center support for cardholders to answer all their enquiries and to suspend the card in case it is lost or stolen.
    • Free of charge mini-statement may be obtained from NBE's ATMs.
    • Enjoy Al Ahly Points by using your debit card in making purchases inside Egypt and abroad. You will be awarded 0.5 point for each Egyptian pound you spend in making purchase using your card.
    • Collected points can be redeemed for cash vouchers that can be used at the largest network of participating merchants or for travelling around the world just by visiting Al Ahly Points website: www.alahlypoints.com (terms and conditions apply). 


  • Application requirements:
    • Cards are issued for NBE's customers holding EGP A/Cs.


  • How to apply:
    • Kindly visit the nearest NBE branch. 


  • For more information:
    • Kindly visit the nearest NBE branch or contact Al Ahly phone service on 19623.

  •  When travelling abroad, kindly contact Al Ahly Phone via 19623 to notify the Bank and learn about your debit card overseas usage limits.