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NBE and ZCST embrace the Institute of Nanoscience

Under the strategic partnership between the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Zewail City for Science and Technology (ZCST), which has been running since 2011, Hisham Okasha, NBE's Chairman, and Sherif Sedky, ZCST's CEO, inaugurated NBE Institute of Nanoscience at ZCST.


The ceremony was attended by NBE's chairman deputies, Yehia Abu El Fotouh and Dalia Al-Baz; the representatives of the current and former NBE's BoD, Dr. Eng. Ali Al-Saidi and Adel Hosni; NBE's Head of Marketing and Strategic Sustainability, Nermin Shehab; and a number of NBE and ZCST leaders. Awardees of scholarships granted by NBE to ZCST’s students also attended the ceremony.


After inauguration, Hisham Okasha said that NBE's finance for the construction of the nanotechnology institute is a continuation of NBE's support for Zewail City. NBE's finance extended for this mega project, which the state adopts as a national project for academic and scientific research renaissance in Egypt, amounted to EGP 300 MM. This project also reflects NBE's sincere belief in the importance of scientific research as one of the basic pillars of progress.

Okasha said that the completion of the new building of NBE Institute of Nanoscience would contribute to graduating generations of researchers and scientists who are able to develop technology required for manufacturing high-precision devices in the fields of health, science and energy. He added that NBE offered 119 scholarships worth EGP 10 MM. targeting talented students in public high-schools from 20 Egyptian governorates (40% are females and 60% are males) who could not afford the cost of study at Zewail City. The scholarships aim at supporting those students to complete their studies and achieve their academic goals in addition to assisting Zewail City to accomplish its unique mission, which will be reflected positively on boosting education and scientific research in Egypt and thereby increasing national production.

Okasha added that NBE embraces a well-thought-out strategy to support all aspects of the educational process in Egypt, which is not limited to the development of buildings and facilities and the provision of school equipment, but also extends to cover the development of human element, being the cornerstone in that process. This strategy comes in line with the vision of Egypt 2030 and sustainable development goals (SDGs), where education, training, scientific research and innovation are among the most important goals.

On his part, Sherif Sedky expressed his pleasure to inaugurate NBE Institute of Nanoscience at 6th of October city, which is considered the largest project supporting scientific and technological research in Egypt and the largest nanotechnology institute in the region. The institute contributes to creating knowledge hierarchy with a view to feeding local industries and sharpening their competitiveness, developing methods of medical treatment provided to citizens, and achieving significant economic returns from intellectual property gains. Researchers can accordingly work on the production of microchips used in several medical and industrial fields. Sedky added that the building contained the largest cleanroom in Egypt and 4D imaging and laser laboratory that was dedicated to the research conducted by late scientist Dr. Ahmed Zewail and was equipped with 4D microscope, Zewail's latest invention. He also thanked NBE for its continued and lasting partnership with ZCST. “Zewail University is not a university in the traditional sense of the word as it includes all aspects of scientific research in conformity with the highest international standards”, he added. ZCST has developed new specialties in a number of modern science and engineering fields, such as renewable energy and nanotechnology engineering, serving the strategic needs of the state and maximizing its role in attaining the national goals.