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About NBEpay:

  • NBEpay is an application that a customer can download on his/her mobile phone. The customer registers in this service by linking his/herNBE’s Visa direct debit/prepaid cards (phase I) and NBE’s Visa credit cards (phase II) to “NBEpay” application , then the customer can use the available balance in his/her card through the application.
  • Customers can download the application through Play store(Android) or App store (IOS) after signing the registration form at all NBE branches.

Targeted customers:

  • NBEpay service is available for all NBE customers who own Visa debit, prepaid and credit cards.

The customer can easily register in NBEpay service through the following steps:

  • Fill in the e-service registration form at any NBE branch.
  • Download the application via Play store (Android) or App store (IOS) on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your mobile number  on NBEpay application and you will receive a message on the registered mobile number to activate the service.
  • Add your NBE visa Card to NBEpay application and enter the cards’ PIN to verify your data (this will be at once while registering a new card on NBE-pay application).
  • Then create your “mPIN” of 6 digits and now you can use it in all transactions done through NBEpay application.
  • You can Add the rest of your NBE Visa cards through NBEpay application after the completion of registration.

NBEpay mVisa allows customers to use their application in:  

  • Pay to merchants “purchase service”

pay at any merchant that has mVisa acceptance logo.

  • Issue a virtual one-time-Pan (OTP) for online shopping

pay online through generating a virtual card number (One time Pan) to be used for online shopping and valid for 24 hours.

  • Pay bills

Pay your ( utilities, mobile phone, land line, donations,  … ETC)  bills in an easy way.

  • Pay university fees

Pay your university tuition fees and bills.


  • Send Money

You can easily transfer money from NBE Visa card to another instantly.


  • Credit card due payments

You can also pay the due payments for your NBE Visa credit cards.


For the applying process and service steps: Click Here


Service Parameters:

  • Link your NBE Visacard to the application.
  • You can only use the application inside Egypt and in the local currency.
  • The Maximum daily amount allowed through transfer is 6,000 EGP and the monthly is 50,000 EGP.
  • You shall activate the application with your registered mobile number in NBE branches upon registration , if you want to change the mobile number you have to visit NBE branch to register with the new number.
  • NBEpayis installed on customer’s mobile phone, in case of changing the mobile device , the application must be re-installed on the new one and the existing application will be automatically deactivated. 

The OTP card: 

  • The card is validfor 24 hours only.
  • Maximum balancefor issued card is 3,000 EGP used up to 4 times for each card issuance through the Application.
  • Maximum monthly limitis the same limit for online purchases of the (prepaid/ direct debit) card used for the issuance of the OTP.
  • Number of use is up to 4 times.
  • You can issue up to 3 OTP cards daily.
  • OTP card is only used in purchasing online goods and services.
  • You can transfer the unused balance from the OTP card to your original card.

 Service charges :






Annual fees

10 EGP (in case of insufficient funds, this amount will be set on  hold on the customer’s account and will be deducted upon the availability of balance in the account)

Monthly fees


OTP issuance fees


Purchase Via merchants


Bill payments / mobile phone recharge

According to the applied fees by each entity