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Investor Trustees Division

Established in 1965, the Division offers investment-related unconventional services. Its services have varied over the last four decades. They are provided by the following three main departments.

First: New Activities Department services

:Agency services

Acting as an escrow account agent, the Department intermediates transactions and business deals (selling or buying property, land, factories or companies; procurement of goods and services; etc.) among customers, to ensure full payment and transfer of amounts to customers and ensure maintaining the rights and obligations of contractual parties by entering into a trilateral agreement between both parties to the contract and the Department before opening the accounts needed to carry out the relevant transaction.

: Promoting the lease of assets

The Department promotes customers’ assets of all types for lease. This service is provided through: creating a promotional strategy that is custom tailored to each transaction and determining the best approach to market the assets (direct promotion to customers or advertisements in official newspapers).

Second: Evaluation Department services

Evaluation services for all types of assets (buildings, apartments, shops, ships, boats, aircrafts, hospitals, malls, hotels, tourism resorts, factories, machinery and equipment, goods, vehicles, agricultural land, etc.) are provided to all customers of the Bank’s branches and divisions for different purposes. Such evaluation services are also provided to non-customers.

Third: Productive Assets Management services

• Follow-up work progress at productive assets managed by third parties in cooperation with the relevant company supervising asset management, and collect amounts due to the Bank (rents/return);  

• Follow-up work progress at productive assets managed by the Department;  

• Follow-up work progress at productive assets commonly held with other banks;  

• Make regular visits to the assets; prepare the necessary reports; and seek the operation of assets at maximum capacity while maintaining their value and extending their operational lives; 

• Manage assets in a way that generates maximum return on assets during the acquisition period, without compromising the continuity of such revenues or the Bank’s ability to freely dispose of assets at the time it deems appropriate.

 • Select, and conclude agreements with, companies specialized in the management of productive assets which devolve to the Bank.